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Rotary Cheshire Homes is pleased to provide Deaf-Blind resources on our website. In this section you will find our newsletter, the national directory of Deaf-Blind resources, links to related service providers and organizations, and an informative online 2-Hand Manual resource.
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2-Hand Manual (tactile communication system)
National Directory of Deaf-Blind Resources
Deaf-Blind Resources on the Web


2-Hand Manual

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  National Directory of Deaf-Blind Resources  

   Rotary Cheshire Homes and the Canadian Deafblind and Rubella Association - National teamed up to compile The National Directory of Deaf-Blind Resources in Canada, a handbook of 41 profiles of organizations and service providers across Canada who provide services to persons with the dual disability of deaf-blindness.
National Directory of Deaf-Blind Resources

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 DeafBlind Ontario Services website
For almost two decades DeafBlind Ontario Services has helped create homes where adults with congenital deafblindness can live more independently. Through its supported living arrangements, trained intervention, work experience and other specialized support services, DeafBlind Ontario Services gives each resident the ability to enhance their independent living skills.


 Visit CHKC website
The Canadian Helen Keller Centre (CHKC), the only training centre of its kind in Canada, provides free training in skills of daily living and technology to individuals who are Deaf-Blind. These programs help individuals who are Deaf-Blind to increase and maintain their independence and autonomy, access services in the community and decrease isolation.

Deafblind Coalition of Ontario
(DBCO), is a dynamic group comprised of individuals and organizations who work for the improvement of services for all Ontarians who have the dual disability of deafblindness.

  Visit Housing Connections  website
Housing Connections is responsible for maintaining the centralized waiting list for rent-geared-to-income housing in Toronto.


Ontario Usher Syndrome Association

"We are people who have Usher Syndrome. We meet once a month, usually at Rotary Cheshire Homes. Intervenors are provided for the meetings. We provide each other with help and support as we deal with losing our vision and hearing.
We share information and personal experiences. We also advocate for ourselves when relevant issues come up."


 Visit CNIB website  The Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) is a national voluntary agency providing services to individuals across Canada to whom loss of vision is a central problem in personal and social adjustments. The CNIB also acts as a consultant and resource agency to the helping professions, government departments and private industry.


 Visit IOO website The Intervenor Organization of Ontario (IOO) is comprised of intervenors and is committed to providing advocacy and support on behalf of its members.

 Visit CNSDB website The mission of the Canadian National Society of the Deaf-Blind is to advocate for new and improved services for persons who are Deaf-Blind; to promote public awareness of issues affecting persons who are Deaf-Blind and to gather and distribute information that will assist persons who are Deaf-Blind to become full participants in society.

 Visit CDBRA (Ontario Chapter) website
The Canadian Deafblind Association (Ontario Chapter) Inc. is a registered not-for-profit charitable organization located in Brantford, Ontario.
For more than 25 years CDBA Ontario has been involved in providing support and services to individuals who are deafblind and their families throughout the province.

 Leonard Cheshire International website
The Leonard Cheshire Foundation is the leading charity provider of services for disabled people in the UK and operate in 57 countries across the world.
Leonard Cheshire International supports over 250 services in 57 countries providing day care, skills training and rehabilitation, independent living and residential care.

 Visit ONPHA website
Made up of more than 760 non-profit housing organizations from across the province who manage over 150,000 housing units, The Ontario Non-Profit Housing Corporation provides advocacy and support to make affordable housing happen in Ontario.


 Visit CFPDP website  The Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons (CFPDP) was established in 1987 by the Toronto-Don Valley Rotary Club with Vim Kochhar as founding Chair. Its goal is to assist individuals with physical challenges to live fuller lives and raise awareness of their achievements and contributions to society.

 Visit GBC Intervenor Program website Intervenors act as the eyes and ears for people who are both deaf and blind. Students will learn to help people with this dual disability communicate and become more independent, and also assist them with the activities of daily living. The George Brown College Intervenor Program, the first and largest in the world, was developed in partnership with a number of service providers and deaf-blind consumer associations.



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